• Active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates
  • Deuterium generation class
  • Chiral compounds
  • Customized production
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Pingdingshan kaimei biotechnology co., LTD

Pingdingshan kaimei biotechnology co., LTDFounded in2009Years,The registered capital3000Million yuan,The company's main business includes:API production technology development、APIIntermediates in the research and development、Custom synthesis as well as related products business。

Company production base is located in China's henan pingdingshan chemical industry zone at the provincial level,From zhengzhou city120Kilometers,Mesa of highway exit5Kilometers,To the xinzheng international airport1An hour's drive,The transportation is convenient。

Pingdingshan kaimei biotechnology co., LTD 
Address:Henan pingdingshan chemical industry gathering areaZip code:467200
A mobile phone:13920326762The phone:022-87601716/0375-7275566
Fax:022-87072180/0375-7275558E-mail:yzhang@fangbenjia.cn sales@fangbenjia.cn